February 2019 Wellness@Work Calendar

The Wellness@Work Programming Committee has compiled a February calendar of wellness-related events and blog posts.

Check out the attached calendar and click on each event to learn more and register where applicable. 

Finding the Beauty in Winter

It’s cold, then it snows, then it thaws and the process repeats itself.  Winter!  The definitive ice breaker whether you’re in a coffee shop line up or at a social outing.  One trick for optimism during the grey days of winter is to research and explore some motivators to lift your spirit. Consider for a moment some of these ideas:

1.COLOUR: Explore links between colour and emotions. 

Understanding Eating Disorders

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week is February 25- March 3, 2019. 

"Eating disorders are a complex, serious and sometimes fatal illness that cause severe disturbances to an individual’s eating behaviour, their sense of identity, self-worth, and self-esteem."

Learn more about the factors contributing to eating disorders, common eating disorders and read a Q&A with the Program Director of Homewood Health Centre's Eating Disorders Program.


How to Support Children who Identify as LGBTQ2+

"To say that parenting is a journey of continued learning and unique experiences may be one of life’s biggest understatements. There will be instances of laughter and tears, excitement and frustration, uncertainty and challenges of varying degrees. There is no instruction manual. It’s unpredictable, and sometimes things arise that you may know nothing about. Regardless of your role as a parent, guardian or primary caregiver, you have a choice: to explore new ground or stay put. So, what happens when your child begins to wonder about their sexuality or gender identity?

HR Learning & Development Winter Programs

HR Learning & Development would like to wish you a healthy and productive 2019! To start off the year on a helpful note, we would like to share an idea. Rather than making resolutions, that may be difficult to stick to, how about choosing to build your skills and connect with others at the University! We make it easy for you by providing you with a large selection of topics. 

January 2019 Wellness@Work Calendar

The Wellness@Work Programming Committee has compiled a January calendar of wellness-related events and blog posts to help you set realistic goals, re-energize yourself for the new year, prevent common winter injuries and more.

View upcoming events such as "The Journey to Wellness: One Step at a Time" and "Positive Thinking for Vitality at Work."  Join a free yoga class over the lunch hour every Tuesday or learn more about the mental health training available to employees.  

Re-Energizing Yourself for the New Year

"Congratulations! You made it through the holiday season. Now, after the parties, events and shopping frenzy, a new year of opportunity has arrived. Packed full of expectations, you may look to new goals and in some scenarios place more pressure on yourself to “do better” and likely, a new set of resolutions. Remember, set realistic and attainable goals, stay excited, optimistic and re-energize yourself for a brand new year!"

Read the full newsletter here

January 2019 Happiness Calendar

The Greater Good Science Center has released their January 2019 Happiness Calendar.  Stay up-to-date on the latest research related to the science of connection, compassion and happiness on the Greater Good Science Center website and view the daily inspiration in this month's calendar.

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