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Meet Our Faculty

Adam Davies - Assistant Professor

Family Relations & Applied Nutrition, College of Social and Applied Human Sciences

Early childhood education & care, queer theory, critical disability studies, masculinities studies, poststructural theory, inclusion, feminist theory, LGBTQ+ identity, sexuality education, K-12 schooling, queer and trans theory, sociology of childhood and youth.

Jade Ferguson - Associate Professor

English, College of Arts 

19th to mid-20th century Canadian literature, Civil Rights Movement literature and photography, New Southern Studies, Critical Race Theory, Gender and Sexuality

Karyn Freedman - Associate Professor

Philosophy, College of Arts 

Feminist epistemology, trauma and gender inequality, violence against women 

Sally Hickson - Associate Professor of Art History

Art History, College of Arts 

Women and friendship, Renaissance Italy, 20th Canadian women artists, Lucy Maud Montgomery 

Jay Oliver - Assistant Professor (CLA)

Classics, College of Arts 

Ania Wroblewski - Assistant Professor

French, College of Arts

Littératures de langue française(France, Québec); Littératures de langue française des Xxe et XXIe siècles; Féminisme et Gender Studies; Rapports texte-image; Histoire et théories de l’art contemporain  


Affiliated Faculty 

All faculty affiliated with the SXGN program maintain research and/or teaching practices related to the study of sexualities and/or genders.  

Faculty Name and Rank 


Research Areas 

Paula Barata, Associate Professor 

Psychology, College of Social and Applied Human Sciences 

Applied social psychology, women’s health and well-being, sexual assault and violence 

Amanda Boetzkes, Professor 

Art History, College of Arts 

Ecology and feminism, modern and postmodern art, climate change 

Diane Borsato, Associate Professor 

Fine Art, College of Arts 

Extended practices, social and interventionist practices to fine art, interdisciplinary and extended art 

Samantha Brennan, Dean, College of Arts, Professor 

Philosophy, College of Arts 

Contemporary normative ethics, applied ethics, feminist philosophy, women’s fitness 

Susan Brown, Professor 

English and Culture and Technology Studies 

digital history; digital humanities; gender and technology;  

Julie Cairnie, Professor 


English, College of Arts 

Southern African literature, land crisis and the crisis of childhood in Zimbabwean literature, Canadian Indigenous-Settler relationships, postcolonial sport 

Catherine Carstairs, Professor 

History, College of Arts 

Gender history, food history, history of health and medicine, alcohol and drug history 

Dawn Cornelio, Professor 

French, School of Languages and Literatures 

Traduction littéraire (théorie et pratique), autofiction et l’écriture féminine contemporaine, les écrits de Chloé Delaume 

Kimberly Francis, Professor Music, College of Arts Feminist musicology, French music 1800-1970, Nadia Boulanger, history of music pedagogy, occultism, medicine and music
Sky Gilbert, Professor

Theatre, College of Arts 

Experimental theatre, Shakespearean rhetoric, euphuism and ‘the queer feminine style', dramaturgy and playwriting, sexuality and the stage, theatrical cross-dressing, male femininity in playwrighting, avant-garde directing, confessional theatre, and realism/anti-realism 


Troy Hourie, Assistant Professor

Theatre, College of Arts 

scenographic/performance design, installation art, art history, architecture and theatre design; current work revolves around the themes of wonder, immersion, spectatorship and intermediality 

Margot Irvine, Director of School of Languages and Literatures, Professor 

French, College of Arts 

Women’s writing, twentieth-century French women, women in early colonial Canadian history 

Mark Lipton, Professor 

Media Studies, College of Arts 

Digital knowledge production, Activism, Educational Technology, Social Inclusion, Digital Storytelling, Social Justice, Confronting Sexism, Health, Wellness, Privacy, Surveillance, Bio-Hacking, Bio-Art,  Performance, Identity, Queer Theory, LGBTQ+ Youth, Camp. 

Kimberley Martin, Assistant Professor 

History and Culture and Technology Studies 

serendipity in the historical research process; digital history; digital humanities; gender and technology; role of Makerspace in academia  

Carla Rice, Canada Research Chair in Care, Gender, and Relationships, Professor 

Family Relations & Applied Nutrition, College of Social and Applied Human Sciences  


Activist art, art and social justice, body image and eating disorders, social inclusion 

Thomas Sasso, Assistant Professor 

Department of Management, Gordon S. Lang School of Business  


diversity and inclusion;l the work-life interface; leadership development; precarious and marginalized work and worker; workplace victimization and conflict; occupational health and wellbeing; corporate social responsibility; continuing education, development, and training; scholarship of teaching and learning 

Patricia Sheridan, Chair of Philosophy Department, Associate Professor 

Philosophy, College of Arts 

Women thinkers of the early modern period, virtue in  Catharine Trotter Cockburn, Anne Conway, Damaris Masham, Mary Astell, as well as in John Locke 

Norman Smith, Professor 

History, College of Arts 

Modern China, Chinese women’s history, Manchuria 

Christina Smylitopoulos, Associate Professor 

Art History, College of Arts 

Eighteenth-century satirical art, the long eighteenth-century, art curation, European Age of Exploration 

John Walsh, Assistant Professor 

Classics, College of Arts 

Transgender identities in classical Rome, Alexander the Great, gender, heroism, masculinity and the feminine in antiquity and Greek notions of sexuality.  

Alyssa Woods, Assistant Professor 


Music, College of Arts 

popular music, especially race, gender, and politics in hip-hop music and culture