Contractor Safety Management Program

The University is committed to maintaining a safe work and study environment for faculty, staff, students, visitors and contractors. This program will establish the requirements when contracting for services and projects to confirm that the University takes all necessary steps to prevent accidents, injuries and illnesses to employees of contractors, its own employees and others.


Contractor Safety Management Program

Supporting Documents

Appendix A – Contract Work Decision Tree (Flow Chart)

Appendix B1 – Guidelines for Pre-Job Meetings (Procedure)

Appendix B2 – Contractor Pre-Job Meeting Checklist (Form)

Appendix C – Contractor Safety Rules (List)

Appendix D – Contractor Acknowledgement of Compliance (Form)

Appendix E – Contractor Safety Violation Record (Form)

Appendix F – Application of “Designation” of Two Construction Projects as Separate Projects (Letter)

Appendix G – Contractor Acknowledgement and Proof of Competency (Form)

Appendix H - Designated Substance List