E-Pay Statement and My Retirement Portal Help

Under Employee Self-Service, the University provides employees with two tools: E-Pay Statement portal and My Retirement portal. The E-Pay Statement portal allows employees to view, print and save their bi-weekly pay information. The My Retirement portal provides employees who are members of the pension plan with access to a secure pension information portal that provides up-to-date information including:

  • Pension projection tool that can project monthly pension amounts based on different retirement dates and assumptions.  This tool provides the ability to compare different pension estimates
  • Access to future pension annual statements online
  • Access to pension plan documents, forms and additional information
  • Personal Information, including spouse and beneficiary information, currently on file

The information below is provided as guidance for employees and departmental administrators looking to set up and access the portals:

  • New Employees - The system will produce a central login account the day after the employee's appointment is entered into the payroll system. At this point, the department administrator or the employee should contact the CCS Help Centre (x58888 or 58888help@uoguelph.ca) to request the login and password.
  • Existing Employees - If an existing employee is unaware of his/her central login account information, he/she can contact CCS Help Centre (x58888 or 58888help@uoguelph.ca) to request the login and password.
  • Students – If a student is also an employee at the U of G, a central login account will exist and can be used to access the E-Pay Statement portal.  Note:  When hiring a U of G student, department administrators must ensure that the Colleague number, preceded by “50”, is used on the employee data form and not a new Employee Number starting with “30”.

If employees require a full account with email access, an application form is required. Instructions are available from CCS