Job Design & Job Evaluation

The purpose of job evaluation is to objectively determine the relative value of jobs within the University through a systematic study and detailed analysis of job duties, relationships and requirements. Jobs are evaluated by joint job evaluation committees using a modified Aiken Plan. This gender neutral point factor system is a universal plan which measures certain identifiable factors present in all jobs, but to varying degrees.

The starting point for this process is the Job Fact Sheet (JFS), which serves as the source document for job evaluation as well as a number of other human resource practices such as recruitment, compensation, training, performance review and organizational restructuring.

The JFS is a summary of the responsibilities and requirements for a position as determined by the University. This tool provides employees and supervisors with information regarding the goals and expectations for a position. If you are a supervisor or an employee who is completing a JFS, please ensure that you access the correct template. If you are unsure about which template to access, contact your HR Consultant or the Job Evaluation Consultant. JFS are normally submitted to Human Resources (HR) when they have been signed by deans/directors, as well as supervisors and incumbents. Best practice suggests that these documents should be reviewed annually and changed as required.

Job evaluation is an ongoing joint process between the University and various employee groups. The procedures and processes have been developed jointly and vary from group to group, and ensure that pay equity is maintained.