About Leave for Change

 a WUSC & CECI programSince 2007, the University of Guelph has partnered with Uniterra to support up to seven staff and faculty to volunteer in developing countries on an annual basis.

University of Guelph participants have volunteered and supported organizations in:

  • Botswana
  • Burkina Faso
  • Ghana
  • Guatemala
  • Malawi
  • Nepal
  • Peru
  • Tanzania
  • Vietnam

Role of the Participant

Eligible University of Guelph staff and faculty can apply to volunteer overseas during their vacation time (typically three to four weeks).  Selected participants will participate in two days of pre-departure training and will receive support and advice from Uniterra and past participants to prepare for your trip.  During your volunteer assignment, you will share your knowledge and skills with the local partner or agency and upon your return you commit to sharing your experience with your colleagues and the University of Guelph community through presentations, interviews, newsletters, etc.

Role of the University

The University of Guelph provides financial support for Leave for Change and works with Uniterra to select the participants.  They also support participants upon their return to help share their stories and learning with the University of Guelph community and to support the growing Leave for Change alumni network.

Role of Uniterra

Uniterra works with the University to manage the volunteer selection process, provides pre-departure training and covers the costs of insurance, airfare and accommodation.  The program also coordinates transportation and in-field logistics, monitors the well-being and security of volunteers, and helps to facilitate your integration into the local partner’s work team.