U of G Pensioners

Retirees receiving a monthly pension should be aware of the following requirements and information:

Contact Information

You need to inform the University of changes to your contact information, for example, phone number, address change, etc. Human Resources can inform CIBC Mellon and SunLife on your behalf. You can make this change by emailing Human Resources or by calling 519-824-4120 extension 53374.


Your tax slip for pension income is mailed early in the Calendar year from CIBC Mellon. Contact them directly by phone at 1-800-565-0479  if you have not received your T4A by the end of February.

Extended Health and Dental Premium Deductions

Your Year-To-Date premium payments are available on your December pension statement and your T4A. If you have misplaced your either, call CIBC Mellon directly at 1-800-565-0479 for a replacement.   

Please contact Human Resources directly at 519-824-4120 ext. 56594 to inform us if your spouse has passed away. We will inform CIBC Mellon and SunLife and adjust any Extended Health and Dental premium deductions as necessary.