Leaving U of G

An employee intending to terminate employment with the University should give appropriate notice to their immediate supervisor. Every attempt will be made to schedule unused vacation prior to the termination date. Should this not be possible, the employing department will report earned but unused vacation leave credits to Human Resources, so that the University's final payment will include the eligible cash equivalent. Similarly, the University will deduct the cash equivalent of any vacation days already used but not accrued.  Please note that faculty members are subject to Article 46.8 in the UGFA collective agreement which speaks to the issue of the payout of unused vacation credits.

After the final pay has been issued, a Record of Employment will be filed with Service Canada.

The following items should be returned to the department on the last day of employment:

  • Keys
  • Departmental Express Card
  • Departmental Calling Card
  • Departmental Credit Card
  • Departmental VISA Procurement Card
  • Equipment - computer, cellular phone, etc.
  • Employee identification card

In addition, the employee is responsible for the following items:

  • Parking - return parking permit(s) to Parking Services
  • Express Card - return to Hospitality Services
  • Payroll Deductions - make necessary arrangements for obligations such as the University Club, charitable donations, etc.