Casual Wage Rates

The following pay schedule is based on the legislated minimum wage effective October 1, 2023. It should be used to pay jobs valued less than current Band 1.

Minimum for the range is $16.55 and Maximum (job rate) is $17.00

  1. The Aiken job evaluation system is used to determine a band. A JFS summary should be submitted to HR for band determination.  Your HR Consultant can assist you with this process. In the event that the evaluation places a position below the threshold of a Band 1, the above range will apply.  Once the appropriate band has been determined, departments can determine pay within the range based on the qualifications and experience of the employee.
  2.  A casual employee will not move through the levels as would a regular full-time employee. Minimum and Maximum (Job Rate) levels have been included to facilitate salary negotiation and recognition of work experience by departments if such is appropriate.
  3. Two specific categories of workers are exceptions to the general minimum wage rule. In Ontario, it is legal to pay students under 18 years of age lower wage rates. Further information may be found in the October 1, 2023 Minimum Wage Rate Increase section.