Casual Wage Rates

The following pay schedule is based on the legislated minimum wage. It also takes into account the current Excluded salary grid. It should be used to determine pay for jobs valued less than current Band 1.

Effective October 1, 2017:

Band Min Job Rate Max
A 11.60 11.80 12.60
B 12.65 13.50 14.50
C 14.55 15.30 16.00


  1. The Aiken job evaluation system should be used to determine which band best suits the position. Your HR Consultant can assist you. Once a band has been established for a certain type of work (eg. dog-walking may belong in Band A; mass mailing support may belong in Band B), departments independently position their employees in the appropriate salary range.
  2. A casual employee will not move through the levels as would a regular full-time employee. Minimum, Job Rate and Maximum levels have been included to facilitate salary negotiation and recognition of work experience by departments if such is appropriate.
  3. Two specific categories of workers are exceptions to the $11.60 minimum wage rule. In Ontario, it is legal to pay liquor servers $10.10 per hour and students under 18 years of age can be paid $10.90. These exceptions will not be shown on a salary grid but the option to use these rates is available to the University community.