Awards & Recognition

The University of Guelph recognizes the commitment and valued contributions of its faculty and staff through formal recognition programs such as Long Term Service Awards and President's Awards for Exemplary Staff Service.

Length of Service

The University of Guelph recognizes the commitment and valued contributions of its long term service employees at 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of service. A formal celebration is held annually for employees with 25 years of continuous service where honourees are personally recognized by the President and presented with an award.

Long term service employees being recognized in 2016 are:

25 Years 30 Years 35 Years 40 Years
Mary Abbott
Anthony Abrams-Ogg
Laura Bowman
Susan Brown
Maureen Collins
Teresa Crease
Carol Ann Davies
Robert Foster
Ramona Fowler
Cathy Gartley
Peter Goddard
Scott Hamilton
Jutta Hammermueller
Laleh Hatefi
Zuzana Havelka
Ajay Heble
Lyn Hillyer
Andy Huang
Judy Huang
Azad Kaushik
James Kirkland
Maryann Kope
Brenda Kupferschmidt
Allan Lauzon
Theresa Lee
Monique Levesque
John Livernois
Anne Lovett-Hutchinson
Tanya Maclaurin
Alejandro Marangoni
Alison Marsh
Angela Marshall
Kelly Meckling
Barbara Morrongiello-Gottlieb
Jeffrey Overton
Leah Read
Fei Song
Warren Stiver
Aspasia Stoikos
Kathy Waltner Toews
Karen Wendling
Tina Widowski
Patricia Wright
Mary Zoethout
Richard Zytner
Shai Barbut
Sharon Beach
David Bolger
Steven Borho
Kimberly Burgess
Paul Casey
Anthony Clarke
Peter Conlon
Christi Cooper
Jay Dunlop
Dwayne Evans
Moira Ferguson
Alan Filewod
Cheryl Fitzgibbon
Janice Folk-Dawson
Mary Fowler
Timothy Gaw
Jane Green
Brent Harwood
James Hasson
Joan Hawkins
Ann Hollings
Kris Inwood
Jennifer Kingswell
Mark Kupferschmidt
Michael Kupferschmidt
Hung Lee
Teresa Lewitzky
James Mahone
Susan Mannhardt
Massimo Marcone
Scott Mcewen
Uwe Oehler
Cynthia Scott-Dupree
Rosemarie Smith
Lawrence Spriet
Walter Stokes
Allan Sullivan
Judy Tack
Laura Taylor
Robert Tims
Jim Van Dusen
Altaf Virani
Henk Wichers
Susan Williamson
Jeffrey Wilson
Anthony Winson
Nicole Zaduk
Paula Barton
Elaine Crawford
Frances Determann
Mary Ann Evans
Peter Krell
Kenneth Kron
Clifford Morrison
Gordon Murphy
Susan Pennings
Antonietta Plozzer
Wendy To
Rohan Van Twest
Dina Carter
Susan Craig
Carol Jones
Deborah Kron
Sandra Mcintyre
John Prescott
Evelyn Shields
Brian Steed
Cathy Tutton
Alan Watson


Exemplary Staff Services Award

The Annual President’s Awards for Exemplary Staff Service celebrates employees who have demonstrated outstanding service to the University community and/or who have made extraordinary contributions to the University community beyond what is normally expected in their job. The award is $2,000 in each of 7 different categories and recipients are recognized at a special annual event.

2016 award winners are:

Excellence in Health and Safety Award

Don Leggett - New Liskeard Agricultural Research Station

This award is for exemplary activity in fostering a culture of health and safety in the workplace at the University of Guelph.

Exemplary Team Recognition Award

OMAFRA Research Station - Dairy Centre: Bev Livingston, Jeff McFarlane, Joe Parkinson

This award is to recognize and honour teams who work cohesively, demonstrate a shared commitment to providing exceptional service to the University and use their combined expertise to produce high quality results.

Hidden Hero Award

Roman Poterski - Biomedical Sciences

This award is to recognize and honour employees who support others and provide excellent service, behind the scenes.

Innovative Leadership Recognition Award

Jill Rogers – Research Services

This award is to recognize and honour employees who are innovative thinkers and creative implementers and who motivate and inspire the people around them through their vision. 

Service Excellence Recognition Award

Amanda Bridge – OVC Health Sciences Centre

Marlene Eberhardt – Physical Resources

This award is to recognize and honour employees who are on the front line and who, by their actions, motivate and inspire the people around them to excel in client service.

University of Guelph Spirit Award

Jane Dawkins – OVC

This award is to recognize and honour employees who demonstrate University Spirit by fostering a sense of belonging in the University community, or by supporting and promoting the University of Guelph.

University of Guelph Community Service Award

Louise McIntyre - College of Business and Economics

Fernanda Peyronel - Food Science

This award is to recognize and honour employees who demonstrate the University of Guelph’s commitment to community service through volunteer work, both on and/or off campus.