Awards & Recognition

Image of Faculty and Staff who are being recognized for 25 years of service in 2018

The University of Guelph celebrates its faculty and staff through formal recognition programs such as the Long Term Service Awards and the President's Awards for Exemplary Staff Service.

Long Term Service Awards

The University of Guelph acknowledges the commitment and valued contributions of its long term service employees at 25, 30, 35 and 40+ years of service. This year's honourees are listed below:

25 Year Honourees 30 Year Honourees 35 Year Honourees 40+ Year Honourees
Ivan Barrette
Elizabeth Boulding
Paul Bradshaw
Doug Campbell
Sharon Campbell-Claessens
Stephen Fleischauer
Eugenia Flokou
Michelle Hartung
Brian Husband
Jill Johnson
Marie Karn
Michael Kirk
Sam Kosakowski
Eva Kuzmanovic
Jonathan Lamarre
Belinda Leach
Paul MacDonald
Kimberley Powell
Melinda Raymond
Grzegorz Szymanski
Jeff Thomson
Sandra Vadori
Eveline Adomait
Lily Arpa
Jennifer Beehler
Dave Bevan
Marie Bolzon
Lisa Borghese
Michael Boterman
Rob Bowman
James Bullard
Becky Campagnaro
Paul Campagnolo
Joanne Campbell
Sally Cherry
Maryann Chisholm
Marlene Clayton
Tanis Comrie
Gail Costigan
Flavia Damaren
Arthur Davidson
Carlos Di Lello
Brian Dobrindt
Su-Anne Dubreuil
Kevin Ecott
Charles Endeman
Elizabeth Ewan
Darlene Findlay
Debra Flett
Mary Lynn Gilham
Pamela Hasson
William Hulet
Philip John
Glenn Johnstone
William King
Karen Kraemer
Kerry Lissemore
Bev Livingston
Leon Loo
Vicki Lusignan
Sally Maclachlan
Daniel MacLachlan
John MacLeod
Ira Mandell
Susan McCormick
Judy McDermid
Debra McHallam
Louise McIntyre
Mike McNabb
Judy Metherel
Nancy Ann Morley
Annette Morrison
Eva Nagy
Angela Orton
Carol Perry
Mark Rogers
Joanne Scarrow
Jonathan Schmidt
Larry Shuh
Dale Smith
Peter Smith
Lynn Sorbara
Deborah Stacey
Betty Stoumbos
Joanne Suffern
Linda Tartt
Ligita Taurins
John Walsh
Catharine Wilson
Laurie Winn
David Wolyn
Gordana Yovanovich
Heather Bailey
Stephen Bowley
Mary Bridgeman
David Cook
Anthony Desmond
Debbie Glazier
David Josephy
David Kells
Megan MacLeod
Paula Menzies
Craig Moore
Peter Pauls
Michael Peppard
David Robinson
Steven Sadura
Laurie Schnarr
Peter Smith
Irene Thompson
Brenda Whiteside

Helen Clarke
Marlene Eberhardt
Edward Hedican
Carole Ann Lacroix
Marlene Oliveri
Marisa Reginato
Ian Renaud
Sandra Hellewell

President's Awards for Exemplary Staff Service

The Annual President’s Awards for Exemplary Staff Service celebrates employees who have demonstrated outstanding service to the University community and/or who have made extraordinary contributions to the University community beyond what is normally expected in their job.  More information about the awards and the nomination process can be found at the following link


The 2017 Award Winners are listed below by category:

Excellence in Health and Safety Award

Dennis Watson - Campus Community Police

This award is for exemplary activity in fostering a culture of health and safety in the workplace at the University of Guelph.

Exemplary Team Recognition Award

Companion Animal Surgery Team, OVC HSC: Pat Davis, Melinda Hanssen, Stacey Harkness, Leslie Reid, Stephanie Roberts

This award is to recognize and honour teams who work cohesively, demonstrate a shared commitment to providing exceptional service to the University and use their combined expertise to produce high quality results.

Hidden Hero Award

Paula Russell - Molecular and Cellular Biology

This award is to recognize and honour employees who support others and provide excellent service, behind the scenes.

Innovative Leadership Recognition Award

Ken Hough - Office of Research, Strategic Partnerships

This award is to recognize and honour employees who are innovative thinkers and creative implementers and who motivate and inspire the people around them through their vision. 

Service Excellence Recognition Award

Kim Garwood - Writing Services

This award is to recognize and honour employees who are on the front line and who, by their actions, motivate and inspire the people around them to excel in client service.

University of Guelph Spirit Award

Amit Khosla - OVC Information Tecnology Services

Leslie Rye - Integrative Biology

This award is to recognize and honour employees who demonstrate University Spirit by fostering a sense of belonging in the University community, or by supporting and promoting the University of Guelph.

University of Guelph Community Service Award

This award is to recognize and honour employees who demonstrate the University of Guelph’s commitment to community service through volunteer work, both on and/or off campus.