Mental Health Awareness

  • Suicide Awareness - Fact vs. Myth

  • Working Through It™ - This series of videos is designed to speak directly to people struggling with mental health issues. Real people share their experiences of working through times of mental health pressures at work, off work and returning to work, and send these important messages; 1) you are not alone, 2) there are things you can do to reclaim your well-being, and 3) there is hope for a better tomorrow.

  • Check-Up from the Neck Up - Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. This simple, online, private, mental health check-up can identify some symptoms of common mood disorders so you can get help if you need it. You can also learn more about mood disorders on this site and find resources to help yourself, your family members, or friends.
  • Creating A Healthier Workplace - A week-by-week guide to help you focus on health and wellness

For eligible employees and their immediate family members, confidential, professional counselling can be accessed through the Employee and Family Assistance Program.