USW Job Evaluation Homepage

USW Job Evaluation Homepage

Here you will find resources on the USW Job Evaluation process, the Job Information Summary (JIS) and the Job Information Questionnaire (JIQ).

Both the JIS and JIQ are intended to capture key information around job requirements and are used to evaluate jobs under the USW Job Evaluation process.

          When do I Submit a JIS*?           When do I submit a JIQ?


         A JIS should be submitted when:

  • a Request to Hire is initiated and the current JIQ no longer reflects  the skills and responsibilities of the job; or
  • you are creating a brand-new job


         A JIQ should be submitted when:

  • a reclassification is required.

A JIS evaluation is considered tentative. Within six months of filling a permanent vacancy, it is important to submit a JIQ for a formal evaluation. Please contact for temporary vacancy JIQ requirements.

Timeline for Submission of JIQ

Incumbent Completes JIQ Up to 20 business days
Supervisor reviews and comments Up to 15 business days following completion of JIQ by incumbent(s)
Chair/Department Head and Dean/Division Head review Up to 10 business days following completion of supervisor review

Important: When accessing your JIQ via the SSO Login (Single Sign-On) option, you will be required to enter a company code: UoG. Once entered, you will be redirected to the Single Sign-On page where you will login using your University central login (do not include