Information for Supervisors

  1. Review the resources provided to ensure you understand how to complete the Supervisor’s section of the JIQ.

  1. Once your employee has submitted their JIQ, you will receive a system-generated email notification from to access the system and review the JIQ online at

    • Under the SSO Login (Single Sign-On) option, you will be required to enter a company code: UoG

    • Once entered, you will be redirected to the Single Sign-On page where you will login using your University central login (do not include

    • You will not be able to edit the information that has been submitted by the employee; however, you should provide any comments that you may have regarding the content. Your comments will be visible to employees.

    • Supervisor comments can be as simple as “I agree with the information provided” or provide additional detail, clarification or context regarding the job and the information the employee has provided.

    • Supervisors have up to 15 business days (from the date you received the email notification) to review the JIQ and submit comments.

    • If you are unable to meet the submission deadline, experience any problems with the JIQ website, and/or require a copy of the previously submitted Job Fact Sheet, please contact us at or ext 52732 before the submission deadline.

    • If the position is part of a multi-incumbent job (i.e. there are others who perform the same job), all of the incumbents will work on one JIQ submission.

  2. We also ask that you provide an organizational chart for your department when submitting the final JIQ with your comments. Please include job titles and position numbers.

  3. Submit the JIQ using the online system. Once submitted, your information will be locked from any additional editing.  The JIQ will then be sent to the applicable Chair/Department Head and Dean/Division Head for final review.

  4. Once the JIQ has been reviewed by the Dean/Division Head, the JIQ information will then be used to evaluate the job.  Once evaluation ratings are finalized, results will be sent by email to employees and supervisors.