Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When can I expect my job evaluation results? When would those results be effective?

A: For those positions that were part of the pilot phase, Human Resources will be communicating and processing the job evaluation results, including letters, rating records, and any required salary adjustments. Results will be released as they become available.

Q: What if there is disagreement on content in the JIQ?

A: When beginning this new process, we strongly encourage dialogue between incumbents and supervisors and would anticipate agreement about the nature of the work being performed and described. In cases where there are discrepancies between an incumbent’s submission and the supervisor’s comments, Human Resources and/or a USW job evaluation representative may reach out for further information or arrange a meeting for further discussion if necessary.

Representatives from Human Resources and the Union will be available to assist the parties should agreement not be achieved.

Q: What if the current job is in a state of flux?

A: We appreciate that in an ever-changing environment like the University of Guelph, jobs do not remain the same.  In these instances, please make Human Resources aware in order to allow for further discussions regarding an approach to completing the JIQ.

Q: Do Employees need to wait for an email invitation to start the JIQ process?

A: No, any USW employee is welcome to complete the JIQ process.  Should you wish to complete a JIQ, please contact or ext 52732 to request access to the online JIQ.  You will need to provide details including:  Your job title; department and position number; your supervisor’s name;  and if you are part of a multi-incumbent job, the names of the other incumbents.

Q: Will incumbents be provided with time off from work to complete the JIQ?

A: The JIQ should be completed during work time. Employees should work with their supervisors to ensure reasonable and sufficient work time is provided to complete the JIQ.  Feel free to contact or ext 52732 if assistance is required to provide access to a computer and/or dedicated space or time to complete the JIQ.

Q: What is the role of my supervisor and do they have input?

A: The supervisor(s) will normally have fifteen (15) business days to review the incumbent’s JIQ and add their comments to the incumbent’s submission.  Supervisors do not have the ability to change an incumbent’s information but can provide comments and any additional information that they see fit to ensure the job requirements are fully described.

The Chair /Department Head and the Dean/Division Head are also afforded ten (10) business days to review the JIQ and provide comment. 

Q: Who authors the JIQ?

A: The JIQ is to be submitted by a sole incumbent or a representative group of incumbents performing the same work.

Following the incumbent’s submission, the supervisor or supervisors will normally have fifteen (15) business days to review the JIQ and provide their comments on the incumbent’s JIQ submission. 

After the incumbent submits the JIQ and the supervisor submits their comments, the Chair/Department Head and Dean/Division Head will have opportunity for final review and comment.  Following receipt, the Chair/Department Head and Dean/Division Head will have up to ten (10) business days to review.

Q: What if there is more than one (1) person doing the same job in my department?

A: Employees in a multi-incumbent position will need to submit a single JIQ.  The incumbents should designate one person as the lead author to complete the JIQ.  All incumbents should have the opportunity to contribute and provide feedback on the JIQ content.  The online JIQ will need to be completed and submitted under the lead author’s JIQ account.  A PDF version of the JIQ should be saved by the designated lead and distributed to all incumbents for their review before final submission.  Once submitted, Human Resources will also provide a PDF copy of the final submitted JIQ and request that incumbents provide email confirmation that they are in agreement with the information submitted.

Q: What if I disagree with the evaluation results? Can I appeal?

Yes, incumbents and/or supervisors have the ability to appeal results.