Outdoor Spill Management Program

The University will take all actions necessary to fulfill its legal obligations for the protection of the environment. It is committed to the conservation and improvement of the environment by minimizing environmental impacts arising from its activities and promoting and supporting environmental management policies and environmentally responsible practices at every level. The program mitigates risk and establishes a standard of care.

The purpose of the Outdoor Spills Management Program is to describe the process for safely responding to outdoor spills that may occur at the Guelph and Ridgetown campuses and Research Stations and provide the regulatory reporting requirements.


Outdoor Spill Management Program


Outdoor Spill Kits can be found at the following locations:​

  1. Bus loop: near stairs at entrance to bus loop
  2. Science Complex (building 140): east entrance near MacNaughton Building’s (building 073) loading dock
  3. Dairy Barn (building 037): between office and ramp
  4. Lot P19: on concrete pad southwest corner of lot
  5. Lot P18: outside pump shed, northwest corner of lost
  6. Lot P12: motorcycle parking pad
  7. Between Lot P14 and Lot P15: on concrete slab at base of stairs
  8. Lot P23: charging station pad
  9. Lot P30: near sea container back corner of lot
  10. University Centre Loading Dock (On top of the stairs to the loading dock)

Bulk spill containment supplies are available at:

  1. Stockroom in Maintenance Building #1
  2. Stockroom in Maintenance Building #2