Asbestos Management Program

The University will maintain a safe work and study environment for faculty, staff, students, visitors and contractors. It is the policy of the University to maintain all asbestos-containing material in a safe condition during normal building operations and have all maintenance, repair or renovation undertaken using appropriate procedures. To support this, the University has established an Asbestos Management Program.


Asbestos Management Program

Supporting Documents:

Appendix A – Tenant of Leased Space- Notification of the Presence of Asbestos Containing Materials (Sample Letter)

Appendix B – Asbestos Sampling Notice (Form)

Appendix C – Asbestos Abatement Notice (Form)

Appendix D – Collection of Bulk Material Samples (Table)

Appendix E – Bulk Sample Collection Procedure (Procedure)

Appendix F- Re-Inspection of Asbestos Containing Material (Form)

Appendix G – Notification of Work that may involve Disturbance of Asbestos-Containing Materials (Sample Letter)

Appendix H - Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the Control of Asbestos Fibers During Type 1 Operations

SOP 1.10:  The Removal of Less than 7.5 square meters of Asbestos Containing Ceiling Tiles (intact)

SOP 1.11: The Removal of Non-Friable, Asbestos-Containing Material, Other than Ceiling Tiles (Intact)

SOP 1.12: Breaking, Cutting, Drilling, Abrading, Grinding, Sanding or Vibrating Non-Friable Asbestos-Containing Material (Includes Wetting and Only Non-Powered, Hand-Held Tools)

SOP 1.13: The Removal of Vinyl Asbestos Floor Tiles (Involves Breaking) (Includes Wetting and Only Non-Powered, Hand-Held Tools)

SOP 1.20: The Removal of Less Than One Square Meter of Drywall in which Asbestos-Containing, Joint-Filling compounds have been used