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Leave for Change Volunteer Fulfilling a Dream
Updated: 7 years 3 months ago

Day 2

January 18th, 2011 8:05 AM

Slept almost ten hours last night!  Feeling fresh this morning and lovin’ taking my time.  Went for breakfast at 8 thinking it was going to be laid out… another false expectation.  A young man walked me to the dining area and gave me the options – eggs, fried, eggs, scrambled, eggs, omellette, sausage, bread, white.  OK, omellette and white bread it is.  So much for the market fresh fruits and yogurts I had on my mind.  And surprise of all surprises, some powder Nescafe makes so called real coffee or something crass like that.  The north makes great coffee, so why isn’t it used here.

My omellette wasn’t bad and the toast filled me up, but I grabbed juice, apples, yogurt, cheese at the supermarket today.  The highlight was my conversation with Agostino.  He is a 23 year old Malawian who lost both parents to illness, and supports his younger brother and a grandmother who raised him.  He is charming and a very practical young man.

The morning at WUSC was worth it just to meet the folks there. Content wasn’t very engaging – seen and heard it all before, but like all Malawians so far, they were friendly and helpful.  Went out chauffeured by Phalys again who took his to change money, buy a phone and hit the supermarket.  I came home to get myself settled.  Tomorrow I will meet Charles with Alice who will be the go between.

Put in an order for dinner, fried chicken and rice and it came with green beans.  Yummy!  Drank some of the SA white I bought at duty free in SA, worked out my cell phone, and chillaxin in the room.  Turns out I am 1 of only 2 guests at the lodge right now and she’s going in a couple of days.  Chickombi took me to meet her and we had a brief chat.  Don’t expect it will grow into a meaningful friendship, but got some good tips re. travel to Lake Malawi.  Could be a lonely existence for the next while.

I meet the client tomorrow – Alice will introduce us.  I will find out who my contact is, then downtown to meet Roy and Billi – 2 others!