Human Resources Services

The Human Resources department at the University of Guelph is comprised of more than 40 staff who work closely with human resource professionals and administrators located across the University.

As a strategic partner to our clients, we help them build the capacity to meet their unique human resources challenges.  We are committed to the continuous development, wellness and success of each individual in our work community. The results of our efforts contribute to a dynamic and sustainable University.

Our department includes five units that directly impact almost all employees: Environmental Health & Safety, Learning & Development, Occupational Health & Wellness, Staff Relations, and Total Compensation. HR Consultants are also available to provide strategic, forward-thinking consultation to leaders and administrators on a range of human resource matters.

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) - Provides a broad range of occupational safety and environmental protection services to all members of the University community including graduate and undergraduate student populations.

Learning and Development - Provides programs and services that facilitate continuous learning for all staff, support organizational effectiveness and encourage innovation and knowledge sharing.  We are committed to enhancing employee adaptability, supporting organizational leaders in building and maintaining environments that effectively engage and utilize staff, and leveraging pockets of excellence and innovation across the university community.

Occupational Health and Wellness (OHW) - Provides comprehensive workplace health strategies to improve the health and well-being of the University community. Our goal is to provide faculty/staff with resources and current information related to balancing health at work and at home.

Staff Relations - Provides a full range of specialized expertise and support to the University community, in areas of collective bargaining, collective agreement interpretation, grievance administration, progressive discipline advice, attendance management, performance improvement and employment related policy development.

Total Compensation - Provides payroll, group benefits and pension administration to the University community. Payroll services are provided by Human Resources Service Associates, each of whom is responsible for particular sectors of the University.

Human Resources (HR) Consultants - Available to provide strategic, forward-thinking consultation to help the colleges and departmental leaders and their units with a range of human resource matters. The consultants also support managers, staff and applicants in the areas of work design, sourcing, attraction and retention. Each University of Guelph college and department or unit has a consultant assigned to it. The consultants work diligently to understand departmental needs and objectives so they can advise on programs and practices that can support departmental requirements.