Marketing Your Vacancy

Once you have submitted a Request to Hire, there are various advertising options available to you when posting your vacancy. Below is a list of options to discuss with your Human Resources Consultant to attract a qualified and diverse applicant pool.

Careers @ Guelph

As an employer of choice, the University of Guelph receives a high volume of traffic on the Human Resources website. Approved vacancies are automatically posted on Careers @ Guelph every Monday and Wednesday (unless the University is closed) for a minimum of seven days. However, longer posting durations can be arranged.

Please visit the Request to Hire webpage to find out more about advertising your vacancy on the University of Guelph Careers webpage.

Employment Equity Outreach

Excellence, diversity and equity form the foundation of the University’s hiring objectives, practices, and goals. Diversity and employment equity at the University is achieved through equity outreach and due consideration of qualified candidates.

All vacancies that are posted on Careers @ Guelph are also automatically forwarded to organizations that specialize in reaching the four designated groups: women, aboriginal peoples, persons with disabilities and members of visible minorities (racialized people).

Advertising through these organizations is free of charge; however, if your vacancy requires broader or more specialized outreach, please contact your Human Resources Consultant for assistance.

For further information on employment equity please visit the Diversity and Human Rights website.


Local newspapers, such as the Guelph Mercury Tribune and the KW Record are effective outlets to advertise your vacancy within the local community. If you wish to reach a more diverse, broad and professional applicant pool, you might consider advertising your vacancy in the Globe and Mail and Toronto Star.

Professional journals can effectively target candidates in the profession you are recruiting for: technicians, computer analysts, veterinarians, etc. Costs for these services will vary.

External Websites

There are various external websites you can choose from to advertise your vacancy. Workopolis and reach a large number of applicants across Canada; providing you with both a large and diverse applicant pool. In addition, profession specific websites can effectively reach a targeted candidate pool: technicians, computer analysts, veterinarians, etc. Costs for these services will vary.