Request to Hire

Request to Hire Process:

Approval is required to post and fill any vacancy and is initiated by completing a Request to Hire package.  Hiring Managers are encouraged to engage their Human Resources Consultant to discuss their hiring/resource needs prior to taking any action.

Step 1:  Is a job evaluation required?
Prior to submitting your request, consider whether a job evaluation is required:

  • Are you submitting a request to fill a new position?
  • Has it been 5 years or more since the position was last posted or filled?
  • Have changes been made to the Job Fact Sheet since it was last posted?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you must send an updated Job Fact Sheet to tracking your changes and explaining the changes before your position can be approved for hire. For more information about job evaluation, please refer to the Job Design & Evaluation webpages or contact your Human Resources Consultant.

Step 2:  Submit a Request to Hire
The Request to Hire package contains the following and is required for all positions except for part-time positions not being posted.  Please be sure to download the forms prior to entering information otherwise your data may be lost.

  • Request to Hire form (signed)
  • Job Fact Sheet (JFS) or Job Fact Sheet Summary* (Word version with changes made using track changes; List a current date confirming the JFS has been reviewed and is up to date)
  • Draft Job Posting (Word version; find the appropriate form below)
  • Current Organizational Chart (not required for part-time vacancies)

*Job Fact Sheet Summary may be used for part-time positions or temporary full time/contractually limited positions being hired for less than 24 months (except USW).

How is approval obtained?

  • Department approvals need to be obtained first per the Request to Hire form.
  • If the position is OMAFRA funded, you must also secure AVP Research, Strategic Partnerships ( approval.
  • The completed and signed Request to Hire package must be emailed to the Human Resources department ( for approval.
  • Regular and temporary full-time positions (24 months or greater) that are net-new will be subject to Vice-President Approval after the request to hire package as been review by Human Resources and the Budget office.  The Budget office will facilitate Vice-President Approvals. 

When will my position be posted?

The department contact listed on the Request to Hire form will be notified when all required approvals have been secured and the position is ready to post.  All positions will be posted on the next available posting date unless otherwise stipulated in the Request to Hire form.

Contact your Human Resources Consultant or (ext. 52728).

Job Posting Templates can be located at the links provided below: