The Selection Team

Establish a team of people to assist with the selection process in an advisory capacity. Representation on the selection committee could include faculty or staff from within the department whose work is significantly impacted by the position, and representatives served by the position outside the department (where appropriate). In addition, and where possible, the selection committee should be representative of designated group members. Given the nature and level of the vacant position, the committee may range from a very small group to a larger panel. A minimum of three interviewers is suggested.

Procedural fairness requires that all members of the selection committee take part in all aspects of the hiring process. This includes the same interviewer asks the same questions and the same team takes part in the whole competition.  Orientation of all selection committees is critical so that individuals understand their role and responsibilities including potential conflict of interest, appropriateness of questions, etc. Contact your HR Consultant and they can work with you to ensure the selection committee participants receive an appropriate orientation before the selection process is undertaken.  The selection committee will conduct its work in an atmosphere of complete confidentiality.

The selection team is responsible for establishing criteria that will be used to assess each applicant during the interview process. In consultation with your HR Consultant, skills, knowledge and abilities for a successful job candidate can be determined. The use of the Job Fact Sheet can help with determining the behaviours partnered with skills that are needed for successful job performance.