Generating Ongoing Achievement & Learning (G.O.A.L.)

University of Guelph's Performance Planning, Assessment, and Development Program

Generating Ongoing Achievement & Learning (G.O.A.L.) is the University of Guelph's tailored program for performance planning, assessment and development.

G.O.A.L. provides information, perspectives, tools and techniques to help Managers and their Employees work together to create and/or maintain a work environment in which people are enabled to perform to the best of their abilities on work that is aligned to unit, departmental and organizational objectives.  G.O.A.L. has a focus on achieving results by attending to those elements that are known to successfully contribute to producing desired outcomes.  The elements include:

  • Establishing specific performance expectations and work goals
  • Continuous communication, support and coaching
  • Monitoring progress and providing feedback
  • Reinforcing areas of excellence and developing areas requiring improvement

G.O.A.L. incorporates a set of tasks and responsibilities for all levels of management and employees.  With each one of us aware of what our contribution is and taking accountability to deliver, the University of Guelph will be in an even stronger position to deliver on its promise to our students and community.

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