Managing Team Performance

Great team performance requires attending to tasks, relationships and individual’s needs on the team.  Managers will be most effective when they are able to support their teams with these fundamental elements of high performance: building trust, leveraging diversity amongst team members, encouraging healthy conflict, developing commitment and accountability.

HR Consultants are available to provide strategic, forward-thinking consultation to help college and departmental leaders and their units with a range of human resource matters. Each University of Guelph college and department or unit has a Consultant assigned to it. The Consultants work diligently to understand departmental needs and objectives so they can advise on programs and practices that can support departmental requirements, including: 

·       Advising departments on university policies, procedures and best practices.

·       Interpreting collective agreements.

·       Adapting and implementing the University of Guelph’s performance planning, assessment and development program that will support your mission.

·       Providing advice and potential solutions to employee relations and work climate issues.

·       Reviewing organizational structure. Once a department has identified and defined a structure, the Human Resources Consultant can help outline and recommend how to achieve desired outcomes.

·       Serving as a recruitment and selection advisement and resource.

·       Providing consultation on job design and structure, reviewing and analyzing banding requests, and making recommendations based upon established criteria.

In consultation with Human Resource colleagues, Learning & Development’s Consulting Services can assist managers and leaders to address team performance challenges or opportunities. Engage Learning & Development proactively when you are:

·       Planning a large event/retreat (e.g. strategic planning)

·       Anticipating change

·       Integrating teams

·       Fostering learning and development of new skills

·       Seeking leadership coaching

Contact us when you need immediate help for challenges such as:

·       Change that is creating tension, issues, conflict, etc.

·       Addressing unhealthy conflict between colleagues

·       Communication break down

·       Low team morale

·       Confusion about roles and responsibilities

Our services include:

·       Coaching

·       Conflict Management

·       Team Building & Development

·       Performance Support including performance planning, assessment and implementation as well as customized learning

·       Facilitation

·       Strategic Planning

·       Support Change and Transition Initiatives

·       Surveys and Assessments

To learn more about the services Learning and Development provides, visit our  Consulting Services webpage.