Ergonomic Services

The University of Guelph offers various programs aimed at recognizing, assessing, and controlling hazards to reduce the risk of injury. These services are offered through Occupational Health and Wellness and include Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) prevention and ergonomic training, ergonomic assessments and reports, and recommendations during ergonomic purchasing and workspace redesign. 

MSD and Ergonomic Training

MSDs are strongly linked to risk factors or hazards in the workplace, therefore we recommend that all University of Guelph employees receive Ergonomics and MSD Prevention training. Please contact Occupational Health and Wellness by phone 519-824-4120 ext. 52647 or email to arrange for training.

MSD prevention training sessions cover the following topics:

  • The signs and symptoms of MSD
  • How to recognize and control for MSD hazards
  • Workplace policies and procedures for dealing with concerns related to MSD
  • Information on the equipment, adjustments and procedures workers need to use or follow to reduce or eliminate their exposure to MSD hazards

Ergonomic Assessments and Reports

Ergonomic assessments are available to all faculty and staff and may be requested by the supervisor or the employee. Assessments can be requested for a variety of reasons related to strains, employee discomfort, workstation setup, or injury prevention needs. Once an assessment request is received, the employee and supervisor will be asked to complete an ergonomic referral form and submit it to Occupational Health and Wellness, who will book an ergonomic assessment directly with the employee.  The supervisor may attend during the assessment, including the recommendation portion of the assessment, however, privacy between Occupational Health and Wellness and the employee will be requested if confidential medical information is shared.

The ergonomic assessment report will be sent to the employee and the supervisor. The recommendations are aimed at reducing the risk factors that could contribute to injury or exacerbation of an existing injury. It is recommended that the report be discussed between the employee and the supervisor to determine potential improvements for implementation. The recommendations included in the report provide the worker with additional techniques and tools that will assist in performing job duties more comfortably.

Purchasing Ergonomic Equipment or Workspace Redesign

For inquiries, ergonomic assessments, training, or for more information related to ergonomics please contact the Rehabilitation Specialist in OHW at 519-824-4120 ext. 54283 or by email.