203 Overtime, Support Staff

The University pays overtime to regular full-time and contractually-limited support staff as follows:

  1. One and one-half times the employee's regular hourly rate for authorized work beyond an employee's normal work schedule. This includes work on a scheduled day off. If the overtime is on Sunday, the rate is two times the regular hourly pay. In lieu of overtime pay an employee may request time off in the ratio of overtime. Thus, one hour of pay at time and a half is equivalent to one and a half hours off, at a time agreeable to the supervisor. Overtime pay does not apply to any other premium, i.e., a shift premium.
  2. An employee called into work in an emergency outside their scheduled shift and without previous notice shall be paid at the appropriate overtime rate with a minimum of four hours at time and one-half. Any further such call-in within the same four-hour period shall be paid at the appropriate overtime rate for the hours worked. In the event that a portion of such four hours extends into their regular shift, the employee will be paid for such portion at the overtime rate. In cases where an employee has been provided with the technology to enable them to resolve problems from home, eliminating the need to attend the workplace, they will be provided with a minimum of two (2) hours overtime at the appropriate overtime rate. Any further such calls at home within the same two (2) hour period, shall be paid at the appropriate overtime rate for the actual hours worked.
  3. Overtime of less than thirty minutes duration following the end of a standard work day shall not be counted towards the accumulation of overtime pay or time off.
  4. For full-time employees on a four-day work week, the overtime rate is straight time for authorized overtime up to 35, 37 1/2, or 40 hours per week, whichever would be the normal work hours for a five-day work week in the same position.
  5. The University pays a meal allowance of $5.00 plus tax to an employee who works over 10 consecutive hours, not counting time for meal breaks and rest periods, at the supervisor's request. The meal allowance applies only if there were fewer than 16 hours prior notice of working over 10 consecutive hours.
  6. If the University schedules employees to work overtime on a previously scheduled day off, there is an overtime minimum of 3 hours pay at the appropriate overtime rate.

Part-Time Staff

The University will pay overtime for part-time staff in accordance with the Employment Standards Act of Ontario, which stipulates:

  • "Where an employee works for an employer in excess of 44 hours in any week, he/she shall be paid overtime for each hour in excess of 44 hours at an amount not less than one and one-half times (1 1/2) the employee's regular hourly rate of pay."

An employee may request in writing, time off in lieu of overtime pay. With the supervisor's written approval, the employee will receive one and one-half times (1½) hours of paid time off work for each hour of overtime worked. This "banked" or "lieu time" must be taken within three months of the week in which the overtime was earned.

Multiple Appointments

The University is one employer for individuals with more than one University appointment. We must pay overtime to these employees for work beyond 44 hours in any seven consecutive days. The Act provides maximum fines of $10,000.00 per violation. An employee has up to 24 months to claim for unpaid overtime.

In paying overtime to a multiple-appointed employee, the department where the employee worked at the beginning of the 45th hour pays the overtime for a pay period. Supervisors must ask employees to inform them if they also work elsewhere for the University and must co-ordinate with other departments to limit the hours worked in a week.

Supervisory Staff

The University does not normally pay overtime to supervisors who work beyond normal hours on their routine responsibilities. There is no overtime pay for processing administrative paperwork; preparing estimates and material lists; interviewing prospective employees; or supervising work which extends to overtime because of unforeseen circumstances.

The University pays overtime to supervisors for some regularly scheduled overtime or non-routine work, including

  1. supervising emergency call-ins;
  2. non-supervisory work when a regular employee is not available due to understaffing;
  3. supervising prescheduled overtime, which must be so scheduled to meet a deadline;
  4. working in an area that is unavailable in normal work hours.

Payment to supervisors for allowed overtime is at time and one-half with no minimum number of hours.