309 Probationary Service, All Staff

The University requires each employee appointed to a regular full-time position to serve a probationary period. Unless the appointment letter stipulates otherwise, the period is 12 months for professional & managerial employees and six months for nonprofessional. During this period, members are classified as probationary.

There is no new probationary period for regular full-time employees in cases of promotion, demotion, transfer, or other movement between regular full-time University positions.

The probationary period allows the University and the employee to assess the continuing employer-employee relationship. Judicious use of the probationary period can avoid many problems and is a necessary part of the duties and responsibilities of a supervisor.

(A) Midway through the probationary period the supervisor will give probationary employees a written progress report.

(B) Before the probationary period expires the Department Head should make a further probationary review which includes recommending one of the following:

(1) The employee becomes a regular employee. In this case the department will send the employee a letter confirming successful completion of their probationary period and, if applicable, their new rate of pay, with a copy to Human Resources;

(2) The employee has their probationary status extended. In this case the department will send the employee notice, including reasons for the extension, with a copy to Human Resources;

(3) The employee be terminated. In this case the department will consult with Staff Relations.

In the absence of this further report, the employee will be deemed to have completed probation.