509 8-9-10 Month Continuing Limited Term Positions, All Staff

These terms and conditions of employment apply to staff hired into 8-9-10 month limited term appointments. This type of appointment is a variation of a regular full-time appointment.

Length of service/seniority

Employees retain their accumulated credits and continue to accumulate credits while working. Employees accumulate no credits during unpaid status.


While working, employees are eligible for normal cost-sharing for Extended Health, Dental, Group Life Insurance, and the Long Term Disability and Pension Plans. During unpaid status normal cost-sharing continues for Extended Health, Dental, and Group Life Insurance, but not Long Term Disability or Pension Plans, which are reinstated immediately on returning to work. During unpaid status, to maintain cost-sharing for eligible plans, employees must remit their portion of costs within 30 days of billing. Employees who cannot work during the predetermined paid work period because of illness are eligible for sick pay and Long Term Disability benefits as per normal University practice. Note that Long Term Disability payments begin only on the normal return to work date.


Vacation credits accumulate as per normal University policy, with no accumulation of credits in the predetermined period of unpaid status.

Sick Leave

Sick leave credits are as per normal University policy or the appropriate collective agreement. Employees may not use sick leave during the predetermined unpaid status period.


Wages and wage increases will be paid as per normal University policy. Wages will be discontinued during the predetermined unpaid status period.

A request to convert a regular position to a limited term position must be discussed with the appropriate Dean or Director and subsequently with the Associate Vice-President, Human Resources, or designate, who will advise on the appropriate procedure to follow, which will include notifying the appropriate bargaining unit.

By its nature a limited term position is ongoing; it is not a temporary full-time appointment. Individuals hired for these positions can expect re-appointment, subject to good conduct, capacity for the work, competence, and the availability of suitable work. The University will inform appointees to limited term positions, in writing, of the anticipated appointment term. Before the term ends, the University will inform them, in writing, of the date for their anticipated return to work.

Where applicable, bargaining unit dues will be suspended during the period of unpaid status.