513 Time Off for Hazardous Weather / Emergency Closing, All Staff

The University expects employees to report for work on their normal work days regardless of weather.

Under severe weather conditions it may be impossible for all employees to fulfill this obligation without exposing themselves to undue hazard. If an employee is unable to report for work, they may charge their absence to available vacation credit, available floater holidays, available banked lieu time, paid personal leave, or absence without pay.

The University urges employees to make every effort to report for work during inclement weather, and in recognition of this, urges supervisory personnel to use discretion in recording latecomers who were delayed due to weather conditions.

From time to time the University considers it appropriate to allow certain employees to leave work earlier than normal, such as for severe ice or snow storm conditions. When a department provides early departure, or the University shuts down as per Policy 512, the time off is granted with pay and the following will apply:

  1. Employees who are granted time off for early departure will not receive premium rates for time not so worked on such days.
  2. The granting of time off will not affect vacation or sick leave entitlement.