708 Theft and Fraudulent Activities, All Staff

This policy is intended to inform Faculty and Staff of the University's position regarding theft of University assets by the unlawful or improper removal of items of physical property or by means of fraudulent methods of securing payments. The policy is also intended to serve as a guideline for all individuals who, in the course of their daily activities, may be a witness to or suspect a situation where a theft, fraud or other type of crime has been taking place. It is anticipated that this policy will act as a deterrent by alerting employees. Failure to report incidents of this nature may be interpreted as condonement of such actions.

Management is responsible for being aware of exposures and symptoms of exposures in their areas, and for detecting suspected wrongdoing.

  1. In the event of suspected theft or possible fraudulent activities, either by observation, audit or other means, it is the duty of the observer to notify the University Police, Employee Relations and Audit Services, whichever may be more appropriate.
  2. When advised of a suspected theft, a thorough investigation will be conducted by the University Police. Should the allegation prove positive, we will seek to have charges laid and take appropriate disciplinary action which may include termination of employment. The Director, Security Services will ensure that a report of the theft is forwarded to the Director, Staff Relations and the Assistant vice-president (finance) insurance and account adjustment, if appropriate.
  3. When advised of a suspected fraudulent activity, Audit Services will conduct an investigation of the area(s) under suspicion to confirm or deny the allegation. Should the audit prove fraudulent activity, the Manager, Audit Services will report the findings to the Vice-President (finance and administration) and the Associate Vice-President (human resources) or designate for appropriate action, which may include termination of employment and/or laying of charges.