711 Gifts to Employees and Recognition of Significant Events, All Staff

1.0 The University has a longstanding tradition of recognizing significant events in the lives of faculty and staff.

1.1 Significant events may include, but are not limited to, a birthday, wedding, the birth or adoption of a child, religious holiday or retirement.
1.2 When a department wishes to acknowledge a significant event with a gift, the cost of the gift should be covered through individual contributions.
1.3 The department may, at its discretion, use operating funds to pay for a cake and /or coffee service or other type of refreshment to be used in a celebration as long as the cost is reasonable.
1.4 The above noted actions are not deemed to be taxable benefits to the employee and as such do not need to be reported to Human Resources.

For guidance with respect to service recognition and employee awards or expressions of sympathy please consult HR Policy 710 Service Recognition and other Performance Based Awards and HR Policy 712 Recognition of Bereavement or Illness, respectively.