Fire Emergencies Policy


To outline procedures for fire emergencies.


  1. The telephone number of the local Emergency Services shall be conspicuously posted in the workplace. 
  2. All fire emergencies must be reported to the local Emergency Services.
  3. Departments shall make provisions for the emergency evacuation of persons with disabilities.


In case of fire:

Assess the situation; use one fire extinguisher to attempt fire suppression. If you need help,

  • Activate the nearest wall mounted fire alarm.
  • Evacuate the building.
  • Do not use an elevator.
  • Report the emergency.
  • Report to the attending Fire Officers.

In case of fire alarm:

Evacuate the building (even if alarm is suspected of being false).
Do not use elevators.

After evacuating a building, do not re-enter until authorized by a Fire Officer. Cessation of the alarm bell does not indicate that a building is safe to re-enter. 

All smoke or fumes of undetermined origin must be reported to the local Emergency Services.

Effective: September 2000