403 Scholarship Plan


This plan provides tuition scholarships to eligible dependent children and spouses for tuition fees payable for courses taken for credit in University programs leading to an undergraduate degree, graduate program or an associate diploma.

A scholarship plan is available to dependent children and spouses of:

a) regular full-time and 8-9-10 month continuing limited term employees;
b) retired or deceased employees who met the criteria in (a) while still employees; and
c) employees receiving long term disability payments who met the criteria in (a) while still actively at work.

Dependent means child of the employee, less than 26 years of age and dependent for support on such employee. The following will also be considered children of the employee: persons the employee is adopting, during the period of probation; stepchildren of the employee; and persons related to the employee by blood or marriage, or for whom the employee is legal guardian. The restriction of 25 years does not apply to a physically or mentally disabled child who is over 25 years of age and who had this condition and was a dependent of the employee before the age of 26. Spouse includes a legal spouse, common-law spouse or same-sex partner.

The University will award scholarships for up to eight semesters of undergraduate degree or associate diploma program or graduate program at the University of Guelph and Guelph-Humber partnership courses. Scholarship payment amounts shall not exceed tuition fees for the Bachelor of Arts program.

Dependent children and spouses must qualify for a scholarship by satisfying the University's entrance requirements, by meeting the academic standards of the program in which they are to be enrolled and must continue to satisfy the academic continuation requirements of their program. Dependent children or spouses may be eligible for a scholarship only if they will be enrolled in full-time studies. The definition of "full-time" applied to this plan is that used in administering the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP); that is, students registered in a minimum of 1.5 credits per semester.

Dependent students who have a disability as defined by Section 10 (1) of the Ontario Human Rights Code that preclude them from registering for the minimum course requirements may request accommodation through Student Accessibility Services (SAS) pursuant to the University’s Policy on Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities, the Human Rights Policy.  Such eligible students will receive the equivalent of 8 full-time tuition payments; scholarship payment amounts shall not exceed tuition fees for the Bachelor of Arts program.

When an employee to whom this plan applies terminates employment, children eligible at the effective date of termination may receive the scholarship for an additional two semesters.
Please complete the Scholarship Application Form and submit to Human Resources for Approval.