Professional Pension Plan Provisions

The consolidated plan provisions available below apply to eligible members of the,

  • University of Guelph Faculty Association Unit 1,
  • University of Guelph Faculty Association Unit 2,
  • Ontario Nurses Association,
  • Professional/Managerial staff, and
  • Executive and Excluded Faculty.

If you change employee groups, you shall be subject to plan provisions regarding transfers of employment and you will participate in the plan applicable to your new group. For example, a Professional Pension Plan member who transfers to a position represented by OSSTF/TARA District 35 will join the Retirement Pension Plan. Please refer to your most recent annual pension statement for more information about your pension plan.

The Professional Pension Plan document below is a consolidation of the most current official restated plan text for the Pension Plan for Professional Staff of University of Guelph, dated June 30, 2015, plus amendments that have been made since.

We are providing this unofficial consolidation for your ease of reference to the complete and current plan provisions, all from this one source. The linked consolidated document however, is not the official plan text, has not been filed with the Financial Services Commission and should not be used as a substitute.

To obtain a copy of the official plan text and plan amendments, please contact, Vince Pellegrino, Human Resources at extension 56596.