The University of Guelph’s Pension Plans are intended to provide income in retirement that is related to the base salary enjoyed near retirement, and to preserve, through time, as much as possible, the purchasing power of that retirement income.

As a result of this design objective, the University of Guelph has best average earnings defined benefit pension plans with an indexation clause.

Overall design, modification and administration of the University of Guelph Pension Plans is the responsibility of the Pensions Committee of the Board of Governors. The Pension Plans have changed a number of times since their inception, due mainly to design and legislative changes.

Pension Temporary Solvency Relief

Pension Solvency Relief information is accessible for users through their University of Guelph login.

Annual Pension Report

As part of the University’s commitment to keep pension plan members informed about the Pension Plans, we are pleased to provide you with the Annual Pension Reports for the 2019 Non-Professional Plan, 2019 Retirement Plan2019 Professional Plan.

These reports will help you understand the important facts and figures about the University of Guelph’s pension plans.  By mousing over the highlighted words or graphs/diagrams, pop-ups will provide you with more information.

Annual Pension Reports for Prior Years

Combined Report of the Joint Pension Committee

The 2013 Combined Report of the Joint Pension Committee is accessible for users through their University of Guelph login.

Contact Information

Margaret McLeod, Benefits Consultant x 56594

Vince Pellegrino, Senior Advisor, Pensions & Benefits x 56596

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