COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control Awareness Training

This module provides an overview of current COVID-19 information, outlines infection prevention guidelines to prevent transmission of COVID-19 at the University, reviews related health and safety measures at the University and outlines the actions and expectations required of all individuals to stay safe.

This COVID-19 training module is accessible online via Courselink. All faculty, staff and graduate students have been enrolled and should have direct access through the hyperlink. If you do not have access to the course, you can register using the self-registration tool in Courselink. This tool can be found in the navigation bar on your Courselink homepage after logging in.

For managers or supervisors with staff who do not have computer access, contact EHS to discuss alternative modes of delivery.  On-line training is the preferred method of delivery due to the imbedded videos in the training module, though a printable version is also available.

After completing the online course, click on the confirmation of completion tab in the navigation bar to confirm that you have reviewed the training module. Once you have confirmed, you will receive an automated email that can be provided to your supervisor/department for record keeping purposes.

Please note - If you completed the course prior to July 1, this “confirmation” mechanism was not available.  To receive an email confirming your completion, please return to the course and follow the instructions above.