When do I complete a Job Fact Sheet?

You may be writing a Job Fact Sheet (JFS) because it has been determined that a new position is required to meet operational requirements. A JFS is required as part of the Hiring Review Package when creating a new position or filling an existing vacant position.  If you are uncertain which template to access, please contact your HR Consultant or the Job Evaluation Team.

You may be rewriting an existing position because it has changed. Some changes may be minor or slight and can therefore be submitted to Human Resources (HR) as an update.  If the current JFS is older than three (3) years it should be rewritten and submitted with the current date even if there are no changes.

However if the changes are significant, (i.e., a major change in the type and level of work being performed), then submitting the JFS to HR as a re-class request is appropriate.

All JFS should be scanned and submitted with the required signatures.

New position

When a new position is created it is assigned a tentative evaluation in order to determine the employee group and the appropriate rate of pay.   After an incumbent has been in the position for three months, the JFS needs to be scanned and submitted to HR with all of the required signatures.  The JFS will then be forwarded to the appropriate job evaluation committee for a formal evaluation.  Supervisors and incumbents will be informed of these results.

Reclass Request

A department may request that a position be reclassified because there have been significant changes in the responsibilities or the requirements of the position.  The JFS needs to be accompanied by a letter outlining clearly what these changes are; the letter must be approved by the dean/director of the college/directorate.


Any JFS that has not been evaluated in the last five (5) years will be reviewed by the respective job evaluation committee in order to maintain job evaluation.