When to Write a Job Fact Sheet?

A Job Fact Sheet (JFS) is written when it has been determined that a new position is required to meet operational requirements.  In this case it is very likely that the supervisor of the new position will draft the JFS as he/she determines the job specifications, requirements and qualifications.  A JFS is required as part of the Hiring Review Package when creating a new position or filling an existing vacant position.  If there is uncertainty as to which template to access, please contact your HR Consultant or the Job Evaluation Consultant.

 An existing position may be rewritten because it has changed.  Some changes may be minor or slight and can therefore be submitted to HR as an update.  If the current JFS is older than three (3) years it should be reviewed (rewritten if required) and submitted with the current date even if there are no changes.  This is a matter of best practice and ensures that the position has been reviewed for completeness and accuracy.  The JFS can be written by an incumbent or the supervisor.

If the changes are significant, (i.e., a major change in the type and level of work being performed, different skill set, different education and qualifications ), then submitting the JFS to HR as a reclassification request is appropriate.  The JFS can be written by the incumbent and/or the supervisor.  If there are significant changes as the department is experiencing restructuring, the supervisor may write the JFS.

It is anticipated that an incumbent will sign the JFS; in the event they choose not to sign the JFS, it will still be subject to the processes described above.  Whether a JFS is new, a reclassification request or an update, all JFS’s must be submitted electronically with an up to date organizational chart reflecting current department and position numbers as well as job titles.  Please note that submissions without an organizational chart or missing job information will be returned to departments in order to have all the necessary required information.

Please note:  OSSTF positions that are temporary full-time of greater than 1 year are also subject to the job evaluation process.

The job evaluation system, process, and structure for USW positions continues to be developed.  When this moves to implementation, there will be additional communication.  In the interim JFS for these positions will continue to be received when a position is posted.  Should a position experience significant changes or updated, it should be submitted electronically as noted above.