“All organizations have two tasks – to deliver today’s results and create tomorrow’s future.”

These two separate tasks call for two separate practices, management and leadership. As functions, they can co-exist in one role or be concentrated in different roles.

Management seeks operational efficiency and to produce a degree of predictability and order. It is occupied with planning, budgeting, monitoring results, solving problems and managing projects.

Leadership seeks positive change. It is occupied with establishing direction, aligning people, influencing, inspiring, coaching and empowering action and innovation.

These times of continuous change call for courageous and agile leaders. Leaders who are in touch with the environment in which they work and how to adapt to it; leaders who successfully engage their employees and stakeholders and incorporate their perspectives and ideas in creating new strategies; leaders who engage in self-leadership and are motivated to consistently build their self-awareness.

Learning & Development programs to support Leaders

Learning & Development offers a number of learning programs to support leaders in developing a foundational knowledge of self, identifying their strengths and challenges and effectively leveraging the diversity and talents of those they work with. These programs build on our Leadership Development Framework.

Learning & Development has developed programs that enable leaders to tap into their own insights, strengths and knowledge and to learn from colleagues, experts and facilitators.  Program choices include:

  • Building Leadership Effectiveness - This program encourages leaders to develop practices that transform values into action, vision into realities, obstacles into innovations, and risks into rewards. Participants will be introduced to the five practices of exemplary leadership: modeling the way, inspiring a shared vision, challenging the process, enabling others to act, and encouraging the heart
  • Coaching & Communicating for Performance - Coaching & Communicating for Performance is a highly interactive program that will give supervisors and managers the opportunity to build skills that will enable them to share expectations and set objectives for employees, provide constructive feedback, more effectively engage in learning conversations, and coaching opportunities.
  • Skillful Conflict Management for Leaders - As a leader, it is important to understand conflict and be effective at conflict management because the way conflict is resolved becomes an integral component of our university’s culture. This series of conflict management sessions help leaders learn and put into practice effective strategies for managing conflict.

Learn more and register for programs by visiting our Event Calendar.

Leadership Development Framework

Leadership Development Framework describes key practices related to self, self with team, operational unit, organization and society