709 Termination Checklist, All Staff

Departmental Responsibilities

The Department is responsible for collecting the following items from a terminating employee:

  • University issued keys.
  • Departmental Express Card.
  • Departmental Credit Card.
  • Departmental VISA Procurement Card.
  • Equipment - computer, cellular phone, flash drives, tools etc.
  • Employee issued University of Guelph identification card (iClass card).
  • Employee issued dosimeters (as applicable)
  • University issued work clothing (where applicable).

The Department is also responsible for notifying the following, as appropriate:

  • Finance and Services (Controller's Office) to cancel Oracle Financials/ADI and FRS login accounts.
  • Human Resources (Total Compensation) to cancel CSI/WebTime and HRMIS/Cyborg login accounts.
  • Human Resources (Environmental Health & Safety) to cancel Hazardous Chemical system accounts and, as applicable, return dosimeters, transfer ownership or cancel permits under the radiation safety or biosafety programs and, as required, ensure proper notifications to external agencies.
  • Registrar's Office to cancel WebAdvisor and Colleague account access that was granted for the purpose of employment.
  • Departmental LAN coordinator to cancel a Local Area Network ID.
  • The CCS Help Centre at x58888 to remove access to the central login account and to update the U of G directory listing.
  • Email the Electronic Access Group, to remove employee’s building access at eaccess@uoguelph.ca 
  • Purchasing Services to cancel procurement card.  

Employee Responsibilities

A terminating employee is responsible for making the following arrangements prior to the last day worked:

  • Parking - return parking permit(s) to Parking Services.
  • Payroll Deductions - make necessary arrangements for obligations such as the University Club, charitable donations, etc.
  • Terminating employees over the age of 55 should contact Human Resources at extension 53374 to arrange for a discussion regarding pension options, where applicable.
  • Return any University owned property, files, documents or equipment.
  • Provide the departmental manager with a forwarding address.