Required Learning

Each U of G employee plays a critical role in creating and maintaining a culture of health and safety, security, and inclusion. As an employer, the UofG is mandated to provide training to new staff and management to support these areas, which you will find below.

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Required Training

Highly Recommended Training:

  • Introduction to Human Rights The module explores relevant laws and university policies and defines important concepts like discrimination, harassment, accommodation and undue hardship. It’s a guide to help our U of G campus community understand their own personal rights and it will work to strengthen human rights supports at U of G.  
  • Principles of Belonging: Anti-Oppression & Anti-Racism This training module provides core principles to foster more inclusive spaces and create an authentic sense of belonging for all campus community members.
  • Positive Space Project is a training program for faculty, students and staff to increase awareness and support of the LGBTQ2SIA+ community at the U of G and beyond.
  • Security Awareness To improve the University of Guelph's community's awareness of important Information Security topics such as Phishing, Malware, Passwords, etc., CCS has partnered with SANS to provide Faculty and Staff with a great learning environment.

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