Retirement Checklist

Once you know that you are ready to retire, there are a number of steps you need to complete. This page provides a “checklist” of the steps to complete.

Notify your Department

  • Inform your department in writing about your upcoming retirement and what your last day at work will be. 
    • Most departments request a minimum of two months notice prior to your last day at work. Some bargaining units may require additional lead time – check your collective agreement.

    • Once your retirement notice has been accepted, it is irrevocable.

  • Make arrangements to use up all your vacation/floater prior to your last day of employment.
    • ​​​​​For individuals who use up their remaining vacation immediately prior to retirement, your last day of employment could be after your last day physically at work
  • Speak with your department about their last day procedures.  You may need to hand in equipment, keys, etc. Parking passes are returned directly to the Parking Office
  • Please note:
    • Under the UPP, retirements are processed on the last day of the month.   Your retirement date and last day as an employee would both be the last day of a month.

Contact Human Resources

Contact Human Resources a minimum of three months prior to retirement, ideally after you have provided notice to your department, email to request your retirement package.   Include your date of retirement in this email.   Human Resources will then provide you with your retirement package.     

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