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Kevin in snowy evergreen forest wearing toque and red jacket

Meet Kevin, BBRM Student

Kevin Kemmish is a third year student in the Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management (BBRM) – Environmental Management program. An environmental enthusiast, Kevin enjoys the diverse range of classes offered by the program, from soil science to ecology. Outside of classes, Kevin is also co-president of the University of Guelph Wildlife Club.

Simon Bissonnette stands outside under a tree.

Meet Simon, Food Science Student

Food science wasn’t initially the plan for Simon Bissonnette, now a third year student at the University of Guelph. However, after touring the Guelph campus and learning about the Bachelor of Science – Food Science program, his plans immediately changed. Outside of the classroom, Simon enjoys partaking in all things food, from attending hot chocolate fundraisers to making milkshakes for the annual College Royal Open House.

Jeremy sits at the top of a mountain wearing a red coat and mittens.

Meet Jeremy, ERM Student

Jeremy Harbinson is a third year student in the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science – Environment & Resource Management major. Passionate about enriching and supporting the environment, he is particularly interested in forest ecosystems and often finds himself enjoying the oasis of the University of Guelph’s Arboretum during his spare time.

Head shot of Krista standing on a green lawn with a forest in the background.

Meet Krista, EEP Student

There’s no place like home for Krista Kapitan, a fourth year Environmental Economics and Policy student. Krista, who began her undergraduate studies in Nova Scotia, moved back to Guelph to embrace the community-based culture of the University and the niche combination of science and economics her program provides.

Kristi stands in front of a stone wall with a cup of food and a fork in her hand.

Meet Kristi, Plant Science Student

Kristi Storoschuk is a third year Bachelor of Science – Plant Science student. Drawn to the University of Guelph by the Plant Science program, Kristi hopes to utilize her education in a career as a naturopathic doctor. Currently on exchange at Curtin University in Perth, Australia, Kristi shares her university and exchange experiences with us.

Jenny Trinh stands in a garden in front of an old building.

Meet Jenny, BLA Student

A third year Bachelor of Landscape Architecture student, Jenny Trinh always knew the University of Guelph was her top choice. When not acting as co-president of the Landscape Architecture Student Society (LASS), Jenny spends her free time enjoying the green space on campus, talking walks and photographing the beauty of the Arboretum.

David stands with a peregrine falcon perched on his gloved hand.

Meet David, ERM Student

From the downtown core to the local campus eatery, David Meeker has embraced everything Guelph has to offer since arriving four years ago. After graduating from the Environment and Resource Management (ERM) program, David hopes to continue working in the environment while pursuing his Professional Geologist of Ontario designation.

Laurissa wearing sunglasses and outdoor gear while treking on a glacier

Meet Laurissa, Environmental Sciences Student

In her four years at the University of Guelph, Laurissa Christie, has taken advantage of all the wonderful opportunities offered as part of the university experience. From studying glaciers in Alaska to learning about agriculture in the American Midwest, Laurissa has no regrets about choosing to become an “enviro aggie” at the University of Guelph.

Rachel stands in pasture with large red horse

Meet Rachel, BBRM Equine Student

For Rachel Goodman, a fourth year Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management Student (BRRM), no university spoke to her equine passion quite like the University of Guelph. Since enrolling in the BBRM Equine Management program, Rachel has strengthened her passion for both the equine industry and the University of Guelph through her involvement in the BBRM student council and countless hours spent in the barns with her horse. Rachel also volunteers with liaison programs at the university to encourage more students to find their place and passion at Guelph. 

Womans stand together in kitchen setting

Creating Community through Cuisine

When travelling, sampling the food of your host country provides a literal taste of the culture you are visiting, but often there is nothing quite like returning home to familiar and favourite foods. Food is more than a meal; it is often part of a person’s identity. But for refugees who are escaping war, travel is no longer a temporary experience, and often part of their identity is challenged when they find new homes in countries that don’t offer the same foods from home.

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