Chainsaw Use and Safety

This session is arranged for Grounds department and Arboretum staff who will use chainsaws in their work. This is a cost recovery course and departmental coding is required.

EHS organizes this half day program to provide all participants with the information to allow them to confidently return to work with the knowledge and ability to recognize and evaluate the hazards associated with the operation of chainsaws, inspect and use them safety to down small trees, cut limbs and debris. 

The course instructor will review the following as it pertains to chainsaw and tree felling equipment: 

  • Regulatory requirements 
  • Proper Usage & Techniques
  • Hazard Recognition 
  • Pre-Shift Inspection 
  • Personal Protective Equipment and Storage 
  • Carbon Monoxide concerns
  • Re-Fueling & Maintenance 

The in-class session will be followed by a practical review of equipment outdoors. Please contact the Manager, Agriculture and Veterinary Safety at for information on upcoming courses.