Environmental Health & Safety Training

Mandatory Training for Supervisors: Health and Safety Awareness Mandatory Training for Workers: Health and Safety Awareness

All employees must receive safety orientation prior to the commencement of work. Safety orientation consists of generic training applicable to all employees and workplace-specific training, which focuses on the hazards and control measures in a particular job or activity.    

Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) provides generic safety orientation, including the mandatory Health and Safety Awareness training that is required under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) for Supervisors and Workers; as well as generic refresher training on a variety of topics.

Academic departments and administrative units are responsible for providing workplace-specific safety orientation and training. Supervisors shall provide this training at the onset for all new employees or employees new to the work and provide refresher workplace-specific training at an appropriate frequency.  Workplace-specific training may include but is not limited to training for the safe use of hazardous materials, use of specialized equipment, departmental procedures and use of required personal protective equipment. All such training must be documented and the records kept in the department. 

Safety training requirements must be met prior to the commencement of work.

Likewise, students who perform activities as part of their academic programs, that may expose them to hazards must be provided with safety orientation and training specific to the hazards and control measures of the activity. Academic departments are responsible for providing appropriate safety orientation and training prior to the activity being performed. All such training must be documented and the records kept in the department.

View a short video to review key aspects of workplace safety – rights and responsibilities under the Act.

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