Landscaping and Groundskeeping Safety

This course is geared towards personnel from Grounds department, Research Stations Operations, Arboretum, Arena and Guelph Turf Grass staff.

This in-person workshop covers a general introduction to safety topics, including:
Information about the Occupational Health and Safety Act and regulations, the University Safety Policies, including Violence and Harassment Prevention, and duties and responsibilities assigned under the Act, and injury and incident reporting at the U of G.

Specific contents for the landscape portion of the program includes:

  • Hazard recognition and controls
  • working in heat, sun safety, and biting insects
  • back care and proper lifting techniques
  • landscape maintenance with small machinery including mowers, weed-eaters and hand implements, 
  • and work-related issues such as roadside safety and awareness of pedestrians.

This sessions is made available annually on Guelph campus.

To meet remote orientation needs due to COVID-19, this course has been made available online through the EHS Farm, Field and Landscape Safety Training module, found in Courselink.