Managing Me

Research has continuously revealed that the so-called “Soft” skills are actually the “Power” skills in today’s dynamic workplace.  Academic research and studies like the well-known Project Aristotle at Google are finding that the highest performing teams are the ones that benefit heavily from employees who bring strong soft skills to the collaborative process. Google’s research revealed that important predictors of team success were skills like: good communication, insights about others, and empathetic leadership.

The learning opportunities you will find in this category focus on developing your knowledge and skills related to Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness and Relationships.  Topics covered may include:

  • Recognizing and managing emotions in ourselves and others to achieve goals
  • Identifying our values and strengths and how we can leverage them to achieve personal and team goals
  • Acquiring practices for organizing our time, communications and information effectively
  • Forming and maintaining positive relationships
  • Managing conflict successfully
  • Working well in teams and with groups
  • Adopting perspectives and strategies that help keep us healthy physically, emotionally, financially and socially

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