Development Opportunities

Learning Improves Life. That is at the very core of the University of Guelph’s mission.  To support that mission we provide learning and development opportunities for our staff and faculty that expand skills, knowledge and abilities and contribute to the individuals’ career success, work achievements and overall well-being. 
Our commitment is to offer high-quality, relevant, and engaging programming in a supportive environment, virtually and in person, that encourages dialogue, connection, reflection and action.  Learning topics are selected based on research that identifies critical skills for workplace success as well as continuous needs assessment.  Our combination of internal and external partner facilitators are experienced, knowledgable and passionate and offer research-based, practical strategies and tools.  

Make HR Learning & Development a partner in your success journey at the University of Guelph.  We are always happy to hear from you about your experience with our programs or ideas you have.  You can reach us at