Strategic Priorities

Aligned to the University of Guelph’s Strategic Framework, Human Resources has identified 5 distinct areas of focus:

Build Leadership and Management Capacity

  • Provide learning opportunities to employees to ensure key job related skills are developed/strengthened.
  • Provide development opportunities to meet learner’s changing needs
  • Build knowledge sharing partnerships with other academic institutions to ensure we are maximizing our use of resources.

Human Resources 5 Strategic Areas of Focus

Develop Leading Practices in Workplace Planning, Performance and Talent Management

  • Develop a workforce planning/succession framework that will support strategic decision making.
  • Refresh/renewal of the current GOAL performance management program to ensure the effectiveness of this program.
  • Update the Job Evaluation Maintenance plan and strategy to ensure the University continues to meet legislative requirements and compensate employees in a fair, competitive and consistent manner.
  • Strategize current issues/priorities for negotiations to develop supporting analytics that will ensure principled choices are transparent and accountable.

Develop Leading Practices in the Attraction, Recruitment and Retention of Outstanding, Diverse Talent

  • Develop a talent acquisition framework that reflects recruiting and hiring principles and better practices.
  • Implement a recruitment software solution that will drive efficiencies and effectiveness in the hiring process to ensure we recruit and retain top talent.
  • Develop an employee handbook and compensation framework for grant and trust funded employees.
  • Develop a senior executive compensation framework.

Enhance Services and Grow Efficiency, Effectiveness and Strategic Capability

  • Implement an updated Human Resources Management Information System.
  • Knowledge mobilization/transfer between unit administrative assistants to ensure necessary coverage during unplanned absences and vacations.
  • Identify and establish service metrics to enhance the University’s access to comparable sector data.
  • Process improvement culture through the identification of a departmental SOP template.
  • Participate in website remediation that will ensure we are providing information that is relevant and up to date and compliant with AODA standards.
  • Implement an updated registration system that will provide access to user information to meet our learner’s changing needs.

Cultivate a Positive and Supportive Workplace that Fosters Continuous Development, Inclusiveness, and Health and Safety

  • Develop and implement a health and safety awareness training matrix to ensure effective tracking of employee training.
  • Establish a Healthy Workplace Advisory Group to support the education and wellbeing of employees.
  • Provide attendance awareness foundational skill building programs to support the wellbeing of employees.