About Total Compensation

The University of Guelph provides a comprehensive total compensation package including salary, group benefits, pension and other programs and services, designed to attract, retain, reward, and motivate employees' commitment and performance. This package is competitive with other educational institutions and recognizes the diversity and needs of the various employee groups.

As part of Human Resources, the Total Compensation team provides payroll, group benefits and pension administration to the University community.

Payroll services are provided by Human Resources Service Associates, each of whom is responsible for particular sectors of the University.

The provided group benefits include extended health care coverage, dental coverage, group life insurance and long-term disability coverage. A Benefits Consultant and a Human Resources Service Associate is available to help employees through the claims process and to ensure eligibility during leaves.

The University of Guelph offers a defined benefit pension plan to all regular fulltime employees, with access for temporary fulltime and part-time employees based on eligibility criteria. There is a Senior Advisor, Pensions and Benefits and a Human Resources Service Associate available to answer questions regarding the pension plans.

Subject to meeting eligibility requirements, the following benefits are provided to University of Guelph employees:

Recruiting and retaining a diverse group of qualified faculty and staff contributes to the success of the University of Guelph’s mission. The University's total compensation program is designed to support these goals.