Central Joint Health & Safety Committee Members

Employee Representatives

Name Group Email Extension
Alan Miller, Co-Chair USW Local 4120 akmiller@uoguelph.ca 53709
Nabil Allataifeh CUPE Local  3913, Unit 2 hs@cupe3913.on.ca  
Juanita Burnett CUPE Local 1334, Unit 1 juanita@uoguelph.ca 54878
Trish Dean OSSTF/TARA tdean@uoguelph.ca 53196
Mario Deschamps OPSUE mdeschamps@police.uoguelph.ca 52245
Janice Folk-Dawson CUPE Local 1334 folkdawson@gmail.com 58536
Laura Maclure CUPE Local 1334, Unit 1 maclurelaura@gmail.com 58536
Sharri Norton UGFSEA, Unit 2 fsea@uoguelph.ca 58518
Jessica Martin UGPSA jessica.martin@uoguelph.ca 56749
Grant Perry USW Local 4120 gdperry@uoguelph.ca 54514
Joe Rooyakkers OSSTF/TARA president@d35.tara.osstf.ca  
Darin Parise CEP Local 2003 dparise@uoguelph.ca  
Joe Weston UGFSEA, Unit 1 jweston@uoguelph.ca 52800
Edith Wilson CUPE Local 3913 edith@uoguelph.ca  
Tammy Wilson ONA Local 15 tlwilson@uoguelph.ca 56278

Employer Representatives

Name Group Email Extension
Michael Dunstan Manager, Occupational Health & Wellness dunstanm@uoguelph.ca 52133
Jordan Grau Facility Supervisor, Gryphon Centre Arena jgrau@uogelph.ca 53607
Tracy Jandrisits Assistant VP, Faculty & Academic Staff Relations t.jandrisits@exec.uoguelph.ca 53195
David Lee Director, Campus Community Police dlee@police.uoguelph.ca 52050
Chris Nutt Director, Staff Relations, HR cnutt@uoguelph.ca 58778
Steve Nyman, Co-Chair Maintenance & Energy Services, PR snyman@pr.uoguelph.ca 54881
Manuela Racki Manager, Occupational Hygiene & Safety mracki@uoguelph.ca 58860
Irene Thompson Director, Student Housing Services irenes@uoguelph.ca 53468
Sascha Tuuha Program Manager, Animal Care Services stuuha@uoguelph.ca 52534

Resource to the Committee

Name Affiliation Email Extension
Georgia Apolonatos Director, Health, Safety & Wellness gapolona@uoguelph.ca 53247